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February 17th, 2014

Random Housekeeping
   CharlieBX is continuing to get ready for the upcoming MLB season. Everyday his picks and blog will be posted here at Be sure to bookmark this website for easy access. In the event you wish to have his picks emailed to you we will be offering that service, however there will be a small charge for it. Last year was a down year in MLB for CharlieBX, as he only gained around +12 units in profit. It was by far an anomaly by all standards. At one point in the season he was up over +50 units and suffered a unusual tailspin. However, he has the most confidence that things are set to return to normal, the previous year 2012 he profited over +32 units!

CharlieBX's MLB
Last Updated 5/16/14 (5:45am EST)

May 16th, 2014
   -NO BLOG TODAY. - CharlieBX
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Boston ML -110 (1.65/1.50)
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